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The first Alco RS-3 arrived on the GB&W in May 1951.

The builder's photo shows the "as-delivered" appearance of the locomotive; over the years several changes took place, most notably:

  • The exhaust stack was reconfigured when the locomotive was switched to a water cooled turbocharger (ca. 1955).
  • The trucks were painted gray and white checkerboards on the frames were added (ca. 1957).
  • The access doors with stamped louvers were replaced by doors with no louvers, and  two car body filters were added on each side (ca. 1960).  The change was was a retrofit package offered by Alco to reduce damage to piston rings and crankshaft bearings from dust being drawn into the car body.
  • The red-and-gray paint scheme was replaced with a simpler all-red scheme (ca. 1969).
  • The RS-3s were rebuilt with a low short hood as part of a repowering program (ca 1973).
  • The gray trucks were painted black (ca. 1975).

GB&W #305 is preserved at the Gopher State Railway Museum in New Prague, Minn.

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