Original photo by John Campbell; digital enhancement by Chuck Tomashek.
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Real GB&W ties and ballast near Dodge, Wisconsin.
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Updated May 14, 2015
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40' PS-1 boxcar with 6' door (N) - Atlas is producing its 40' PS-1 boxcar in a GBW paint scheme with two road numbers.

50' yellow boxcar (N) - Atlas is producing a 50' boxcar in a yellow GBW paint scheme with two road numbers.

GBW 917 (1978.10.14) - GBW #900-949 were the first yellow boxcars on the railroad.

KGB X190 (ca. 1945) - Steam locomotive #351, Jordan Spreader X-190 and a couple of freight cars were involved in a derailment in Sawyer, Wisconsin in the mid-1940s.

Chiseled-Side' Hopper (HO) - Resin Car Works will be producing a HO scale resin kit for a 'chiseled side' twin hopper, an exact match for KGB/GBW #401-420.

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From a 1976 Green Bay Route newspaper ad
From a 1976 Green Bay Route newspaper ad.

The Green Bay and Western Railroad was a paper carrying line and bridge route operating between the Mississippi River at Winona, Minnesota and Lake Michigan at Kewaunee, Wisconsin, via Green Bay. It was chartered in 1866 as the Green Bay and Lake Pepin to provide an outlet for the region's timber and agriculture.

 History   Route   Timetables   Working on the Railroad   Car Ferry Roster   Prototype Standards 
Information on the Green Bay Route, including a brief history of the railroad, rosters, timetables, and a short story about growing up near the railroad in the 1940's.
Loco Roster   Paint Schemes   Then and Now...   17 Reasons...  
Power on the Green Bay Route: How a Wisconsin short line transformed itself into a high-speed bridge line.
Rolling Stock:
 Rosters   Photo Rosters   Equipment Diagrams   Museum Pieces   CO&E Boxcars 
Freight cars, passenger cars, MOW equipment and cabooses.
Photos & Stuff:
1900   1910   1920   1930   1940   1950   1960   1970   1980   1990   2000  
A collection of Green Bay Route photos and printed material, including an 1885 passenger schedule, photos from a 1969 train wreck and some newspaper ads.
Advertising Materials   Annual Reports   A&W Bridge Token   Checks   GBW&StP Correspondence   Envelope   Caps & Hats   Reorganization Letter   Paperwork   Passes   Scripophily   Employee and Seniority Lists   Tickets   Trading Cards  
We've got enough Green Bay Route paperwork that it deserves it own category! Matchbook covers, train orders, railroad passes, and other paperwork associated with the Green Bay Route.
Latest News    Locomotive Models  Freight Car Models  Modeling Tips  Photos  Projects   Decals    Paint Matches    Lettering Diagrams    WRX Numbers    Green Bay & Waupaca  
Information for modelers of the Green Bay Route.
Web Links   Books   Magazine Articles   Videos   Photos on the WWW   Commercial Photo Sources   Contributors  
Sources for additional Green Bay Route information in print and on the internet.

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