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In the Beginning... (1867)
The Green Bay scene about the time the Green Bay & Lake Pepin Railway was built.
GB&LP #3 JOSEPH H. SCRANTON (ca. 1872)
The crew poses with their wood-burning locomotive during the early days of the Green Bay Route.
GB&LP Headquarters (1873)
The headquarters of the Green Bay & Lake Pepin Railroad still stands in Green Bay today.
Eastmoor (1874)
Green Bay & Minnesota's grain elevator at Eastmoor on the Mississippi River, from an 1874 lithograph.
Ticket (1882.07.24)
An interesting ticket from The Green Bay, Winona & St. Paul RR. The punches indicate that it cost $1.40 for a July 24, 1882 trip from Oneida to New London, Wisconsin -- a distance of 29 miles.
GBW&STP Correspondence (1882.05.28)
A letter written on Green Bay, Winona & St. Paul Railroad Co. stationery, dated May 28, 1882.
GBW&St.P Passenger Schedule (ca. 1885)
A complete Green Bay, Winona & St. Paul passenger schedule from the 1880's, including several pages of promotional material.
New London Junction (ca. 1885)
New London Junction was the location of the crossing of the Green Bay Route and the Milwaukee Lake Shore & Western (later Chicago & North Western).
Kewaunee Harbor Improvements (1888.06.30)
This Army Corps Of Engineers chart and report shows the city as it was at the time that the Kewaunee Green Bay & Western built its rail connection into the city.
1889 Map (1889)
An map of the Green Bay Route shows steam boat connections on the Great Lakes and a proposed extension to St. Paul.
'The New Bridge' (1890.09.17)
A September 17, 1890 article from the Winona Weekly Republican on the start of construction for the Winona Bridge Railway Company.
'The River Spanned' (1891.06.24)
A June 24, 1891 article from the Winona Weekly Republican on the completion of the bridge across the Mississippi River.
St. Paul Extension (ca. 1892)
A map published by the Village of Merrillan shows the proposed Green Bay Route's extension with Merrillan as a major division point.
A Green Bay Wreck (1894.09.01)
A story of a September 1, 1894 wreck on the Green Bay, Winona & St. Paul RR as told in the Winona Herald.
1900 Scandinavia Crew (ca. 1900)
GB&W section crew at Scandinavia.
Manawa Wreck (ca. 1900)
Holy cow! It looks like the whole village of Manawa showed up at the Green Bay & Western tracks to have their picture taken at the derailment.
Iola & Northern (ca. 1900)
A series of postcards shows the Iola & Northern, which would eventually become a rural branch of the Green Bay & Western.
Boxcar Derailment (ca. 1900)
A wrecker is called in to upright a GBW boxcar which is leaning precariously over the side of a wooden trestle.
Ice Jam (1906.04.07)
Ice jam in the Wisconsin River at the Green Bay & Western bridge.
St. Paul Coal Docks (1907)
The coal docks on the west bank of the Fox River in Green Bay started as an enterprise of the Green Bay, Winona & St. Paul RR in the 1880s -- hence the name St. Paul Coal Docks.
Cargill Coal Docks (1907)
W.W. Cargill's Coal Dock in Green Bay, which transferred coal from ships to waiting freight cars.
Hatfield Dam Construction (1907)
An early view of Hatfield captures the GB&W tracks and depot adjacent to the new dam under construction.
More Hatfield Dam Photos (1907)
More photos of the 1907 Hatfield dam construction shows a locomotive used for construction and captures a GB&W train led by a 4-4-0 passing the construction site.
Omaha Road Crossing (1907)
The GB&W and Omaha Road crossing at Merrillan.
Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal (1907)
View of the Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal and the Ahnapee & Western crossing of the water.
Wisconsin River Crossing (1907)
A four span through truss crosses the Wisconsin River at Wisconsin Rapids.
Amherst Junction (1908)
A westbound train takes on passengers at the Amherst Junction depot.
Amherst Junction Depot (1908)
A westbound train takes on passengers at the Amherst Junction depot.
Grand Rapids Bridge (1908)
GB&W railroad bridge over the Wisconsin River.
Kewaunee (1908)
Birds eye view of Kewaunee.
Stevens Point (1908)
Stevens Point station and a 4-4-0 locomotive.
Sturgeon Bay Bridge (1908)
A turn-of-the century view of the trestle approach and swing bridge over the Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal.
Waupaca Station (1908)
Postcard image of the station on the W-GB, which was once a Lutheran church.
Waupaca Train (1908)
The first train on the W-GB arrives at Waupaca.
Big Crowd at Blair (1908.11.26)
It must have been a special day in Blair, because a large crowd was at the Green Bay & Western's Blair, Wis. depot, dressed in their Sunday best clothes!
Black Creek Yards (1909)
Black Creek in the early part of the twentieth century.
Kewaunee Bridge (1909)
A couple of kids fish off of the Kewaunee River bridge.
Hatfield Bridge (1909.06.07)
An eastbound train begins to cross the Black River bridge at Hatfield.
Check (1909.08.27)
Paperwork from the early part of this century.
Grand Rapids Bridge (1909)
 This four-span through-truss bridge was built in 1872 as part of the original railroad.
Green Bay Junction (1909)
An early view of the Green Bay & Western's namesake depot.
Whitehall (1909)
Engine No. 18 is cut off from the train on the main line to switch the house and industry tracks, including the W.W. Cargill elevator at Whitehall, Wisconsin.
Taylor 1909 (1909)
Noted Wisconsin postcard photographer J. M. Colby captured this scene of the Green Bay & Western in Taylor in 1909.
Amherst Junction (1910)
An early postcard of the Amherst Junction overpass.
Deer Hunting (1910)
Back in 1910 the Green Bay & Western used to rent box cars to hunting parties in Wisconsin.
C&NW Bridge Yard (ca. 1910)
Until 1891, Green Bay Route trains entered Winona via trackage rights through this yard.
Luxemburg (ca. 1910)
Engine #35 eases past the W.W. Cargill elevator in Luxemburg, en route to a station stop.
Scandinavia Depot (ca. 1910)
A busy morning at Scandinavia.
Shiocton Bridge (1910)
The swing span bridge over the Wolf River.
Station '66' (1910)
The Iola & Northern depot at Iola is still standing today.
Engine #25 and Crew (1910)
GB&W 4-4-0 #25 leads a train of flatcars loaded with earth
Scandinavia Union Depot (ca. 1910)
An Iola & Northern train sits at the depot.
Grain Elevator (ca. 1910)
Green Bay and Western elevator and shops in Green Bay.
Kewaunee Skyline (1911)
A postcard provides a bird's eye view of Kewaunee.
Amherst Junction (1912)
The most unique depot on the railroad had to be the one at Amherst Junction.
Manawa Depot (1912)
Eastbound engine #10 waits for passengers to board a train.
Scandinavia Map (ca. 1912)
Village map shows the Green Bay & Western and Iola & Northern.
Trains in Merrillan (1913)
Lots of trains thru Merrillan, Wisconsin.
#302 Builders Plate (1913)
Builders plate from GBW #302, built July 1913 by the American Locomotive Company in Schenectady, N.Y. 
Freight Bill (1914)
A typical GB&W freight bill from the pre-World War I era.
Shiocton Street Scene (1914)
The GB&W tracks cross Main Street, which is still a dirt road in this 1914 postcard view.
Mogul #38 Builders Photo (1914.07)
Kewaunee Green Bay & Western #38, built by the American Locomotive Company.
Arcadia Excursion (ca. 1915)
A postcard image labeled 'Milw. Excursion at Arcadia, Wis.'
Seymour Station (1915)
Postcard image of the station at Seymour.
Shop Crew (1915)
This photo and short article about GB&W's Norwood shop crew appeared in the Green Bay Press-Gazette in 1976.
Sturgeon Bay Depot (1915)
A idyllic postcard view of the Ahnapee & Western depot.
Green Bay Station (1916)
A postcard photo of Green Bay's passenger station, and the headquarters of the Green Bay Route.
Merrillan Map (1916)
Right-of-way map of Merrillan issued by the Green Bay & Western in 1916.
Mogul #53 (1916)
A builder's photo of mogul #53, a typical freight-hauling workhorse of the early part of the twentieth century.
Green Bay Depot (1917)
An early view of the passenger depot in Green Bay Wisconsin.
Arcadia Washout (1919)
Flooding of the Trempealeau River washed out the tracks on the Whitehall Division.
Arnott Depot (ca. 1920)
An undated postcard view of the depot.
KGB&W Combine (ca. 1920)
A photo of a Kewaunee, Green Bay & Western passenger - baggage combine shows a group of men (perhaps the train crew?) in front of the car at an unnamed location.
Manawa Station (ca. 1920)
The passenger / freight station at Manawa.
Turntable Wreck (ca. 1920)
An overturned coach sits next to the Merrillan turntable.
Sturgeon Bay Map (1925)
This map was issued May 27, 1925 by the U.S. War Department.
Adlake Lantern (ca. 1929)
This GB&W caboose marker lantern dates to the 1920s.
Sturgeon Bay Aerial (1929)
Postcard view shows the city of Sturgeon Bay and the Ahnapee & Western's crossing of the Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal.
Whitehall Depot (ca. 1930)
The depot at milepost 178.
A&W Bridge Token (ca. 1930)
This lightweight aluminum token was good for one crossing of the joint railroad / highway bridge in Sturgeon Bay.
Sturgeon Bay Yard (ca. 1930)
A 2-6-0 Mogul works in the Sturgeon Bay yard during the Great Depression.
WRX at Cheeseville (ca. 1930)
WRX reefers at the Kraft Cheese plant in Plymouth, Wis.
Scandinavia (ca. 1933)
A bunch of boys and young men mock drinking in front of the depot in Scandinavia.
KGB&W Stock (1934)
A certificate for one share at $100.
Sampson Canning (ca. 1934)
A major shipper in Wisconsin Rapids, and the source of some billboard lettering on Western Refrigerator Lines cars.
Locomotive #20 (1936)
With cab windows boarded up, No. 20 waits for its eventual fate at the scrap yard.
GBW #401 Builders Photo (1937)
A builders photo and locomotive data for the class D-48 Mikado engines.
Standard Stoker Ad (1937)
An ad by the Standard Stoker Company in the June 18, 1937 Railway Age magazine features GB&W's new Mikados.
GBW #101 (1938)
Engineer Alfred W. Daniels is operating the 600-horsepower switch engine at Green Bay's Mason Street Yard in the fall of 1938.
GB&W #402 (1938)
Green Bay & Western #402 was photographed in front of the Norwood Yard (Green Bay) turntable on October 10, 1938.
Green Bay Aerial (1938)
Looking north at the Green Bay & Western's tracks on the west bank of the Fox River in Green Bay.
KGB&W #142 (1938.08.04)
KGB&W #142 was one of four similar ex-New York Central 0-6-0 steam switching locomotives acquired from General Equipment Co. in 1923-25.
GB&W #406 Builders Photo (1939)
The last steam engine purchase by the railroad.
GBW #302 (ca. 1939)
Consolidation #302 near the end of its career on the Green Bay Route.
#302 in the "Dead Line" (1939)
2-6-0 #302 awaits its fate with the scrapper's torch.
The Crew of No. 23 (1939)
Lem Lahie and Rudy Flanzer stand proudly in front of their steam locomotive in Waupaca Wis. in 1939.
Caboose #08 (1939.04.22)
This ex-Great Northern caboose was acquired by the GB&W in October 1925.
Caboose A&W #620 (1939)
Ahnapee & Western's sole caboose from the 1920s onward was #020.
GB&W #402 (1939.08.13)
Power suitable for a first-class railroad finally arrived with the three 2-8-2 Mikados #401-403 from Alco in 1937.
Door County Cherries (1940)
A postcard view of a train of refrigerator cars crossing the AHW swing bridge in Sturgeon Bay.
GB&W #399 (ca. 1940)
GBW #399 has a full tender of coal and is ready for its next assignment.
KGB&W #257 (ca. 1940)
In Algoma, Wis.
KGBW #403 (ca. 1940)
Kewaunee Green Bay & Western 2-8-2 #403 pauses to take on water.
Swing Bridge over Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal (1940)
The combination railroad and highway swing bridge is open for ship traffic in this photo from the 1940's.
A&W #94 (ca. 1940)
Ahnapee & Western coach #94 in MOW service.
#251 in Sturgeon Bay (ca. 1940)
GB&W #251 leads a short freight train across the swing bridge over Sturgeon Bay.
GBW #141 (ca. 1940)
This unique flatcar had tanks added to transport milk and cream from the Van Camp Condensory in Casco, Wis. to the Van Camp plant in Sturgeon Bay.
GB&W #255 (1940)
In the early 1900s, the Green Bay Route relied heavily on 2-6-0 (Mogul) steam locomotives for power.
KGB&W #350 (ca. 1940)
At Winona, Minnesota.
Steam in Color (ca. 1940)
A rare color photo of steam power on the Green Bay Route.
Casco Junction Derailment (1940)
A crew works to stabilize derailed hoppers at Casco Junction in the spring of 1940.
GBW #609 (1940)
Caboose #609 soon after rebuilding with bay windows in 1940.
Ink Blotter (1943)
Promoting the options for eastbound freight routing using the Green Bay Route.
Waupaca Branch Ticket (1943)
A one-way ticket from Waupaca to Granite, a three-mile trip on the Waupaca Branch.
Smith Shipbuilding Company, Sturgeon Bay (1944)
The shipbuilding docks at Leathem D. Smith Shipbuilding Company was served by numerous industry tracks of the Green Bay Route.
Reiss Coal Crane Collapse (1944)
High winds took down C. Reiss Coal Company's #1 crane in 1944.
Hatfield Gravel Pit (ca. 1945)
Consolidation #399 switches the gravel pit on the east side of the Black River in Hatfield.
KGB X190 (ca. 1945)
Steam locomotive #351, Jordan Spreader X-190 and a couple of freight cars were involved in a derailment in Sawyer, Wisconsin in the mid-1940s.
Stock Certificate (1946)
GB&W stock certificate.
Kewaunee Car Ferries (1947)
Two Lake Michigan ferries tied up at the Kewaunee harbor slips.
Wisconsin Rapids Depot Staff (1947.05.10)
Many of the Wisconsin Rapids depot staff posed for the camera in front of the old depot.
Algoma Hardwoods (1949)
One of the largest shippers on the Ahnapee & Western.
Magazine Ad (1949)
A May 21, 1949 magazine ad encourages you to 'ship the quick Green Bay Route.'
FA-1 Builders Photo (1949)
FA-1s like these silenced steam power on the railroad.
Kewaunee (1950)
A postcard aerial view of Kewaunee harbor, showing the car ferry yard and boat slips.
'Roamer' China (ca. 1950)
The china pattern used on the GB&W business car ROAMER.
HH 660 #101 at Norwood (ca. 1950)
GBW #101 sits at the Norwood Yard turntable in this undated photo from the 1950s.
Freight Train (1951)
This uncredited painting appeared on the back page of the 1951 annual report.
#305 Builders Photo (1951.05)
The first Alco RS-3 arrived on the GB&W in May 1951.
GBW #406 (1952)
The end of steam power on the Green Bay Route.
Ferry Yard (1952)
This painting of the Kewaunee Carferry yard appeared on the back page of the 1952 annual report.
Sleek Power (1952)
GBW FA-1 #507 at Winona, Minnesota.
A&W 3004 (ca. 1953)
The Ahnapee & Western had several of these wooden reefers in the 1940s-50s to haul canned goods from Door County canning plants.
A&W #600 Builders Photo
The Ahnapee & Western dieselized in 1953 with a pair of General Electric 70-Ton switchers.
Solemn Procession (1954)
The Class D-47 Mikados, last steam power on the railroad, await the scrapper's torch the spring of 1954.
Bottle Opener (ca. 1955)
A bottle opener promotes the GREEN BAY AND WESTERN LINES.
FA Train (ca. 1955)
Two FA-1s lead a westbound train somewhere on the GB&W.
Freight Brochure (ca. 1955)
A marketing brochure promotes the Green Bay Route's fast freight service. Includes a color drawing of the Kewaunee car ferry slip.
GB&W Bus (1957)
A very unique bus operated by La Societe des Quarante Hommes et Huit Chevaux.
X012 (1957.03)
Transfer caboose X012 in Green Bay.
Freight Train (1958)
A pair of Alco FA-1s pull a freight train along a swollen and muddy Trempealeau River.
GBW 15030 (ca. 1958)
These 40' boxcars were rebuilt from 14000-series double door auto loaders.
FA-1 Postcard (1959)
A pair of FA-1's haul a time freight across western Wisconsin.
New Equipment (1959)
This photo from the 1959 annual report highlights some of the newsiest locomotives and cars on the railroad.
New Wis. Rapids Depot (1959)
New depot and office building at Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., constructed in 1959.
Old Wis. Rapids Depot (1959)
Old depot at Wisconsin Rapids, built in 1886, which has been dismantled.
#310 Builders Photo (1960)
New 2400 horsepower diesel.
AHW #600 (1960)
One of two GE 70-ton locos owned by the Ahnapee & Western.
Pocket Calendar (1960)
A neat little business card sized calendar from the Green Bay Route Credit Union.
#302, #307 at Norwood (ca. 1960)
Two shots of RS-2 #302 and RS-3 #307 together at Norwood Yard in Green Bay, taken on the same day.
#309 High Hood (1960)
Kewaunee, Green Bay & Western #309 represents an era of transition on the railroad, at least from a locomotive standpoint.
GAEX 112008 (ca. 1960)
Boxcar #112008 as it appeared when it first arrived on the GBW.
Caboose #608 (1961.11)
Caboose #608 was a survivor, lasting into the era when most wood cabooses had been replaced by new steel cars.
FA-1 Power (1961)
It's 1961 and the Green Bay Route's FA-1s are soon facing the end of their career.
Winona Yard (1961)
It's August 1961 and FA-1 #507 and RS-27 #310 are in the Winona, Minnesota yard, the western end of the railroad.
40' PS-1 Boxcar (1962)
Boxcar built in 1959 for the loading of paper.
#311 Builders Photo (1963)
GB&W Century 424 #311, built by by Alco in 1963.
RS-11 #309 (1963)
Photographer R. T. Smart caught #309 in Green Bay, August 1963.
Sturgeon Bay Track Plans (1963)
Aerial photos of Ahnapee & Western tracks in Sturgeon Bay and Sawyer, with the railroad tracks highlighted for greater visibility.
End of an Era (1964)
Alco FA-1 KGB&W #502 in Green Bay, nearing the end of her service on the railroad.
Hard-Working RS-2 (1964)
It is early summer 1964, and K.C. Henkels captured RS-2 #302 at Green Bay.
GBW 614 (1964.04)
Caboose #614 sports a HOME OF THE PACKERS football herald in April 1964.
C-424 #311 (1965)
The Century series locomotives the GB&W had looked best in this scheme.
Caboose 611 (1965)
This caboose is typical of the 1937-1940 GB&W rebuild program that added bay windows to the wooden cabooses.
Green Bay Food Company (ca. 1965)
A postcard view of Green Bay Food Company, located adjacent to the Green Bay & Western's Norwood Yard.
Pullman-Standard Boxcar (1965)
The Green Bay & Western added 200 boxcars to its roster in late 1951 -- the first steel boxcars on the railroad.
WRX 9015 (1965.02)
Western Refrigerator Lines started in 1929 with a fleet of 500 wood refrigerator cars for GB&W customers; by the 1960s most of the remaining cars were painted gray and had the simplified lettering scheme shown.
Business Car #603 (1966)
Business car #603 was a standard GB&W wooden caboose which received bay windows in the 1937-1940 rebuild program.
C-424 #312 (1966)
Wisconsin Rapids WI, February 12, 1966.
RS-2 #304 (1966)
An Alco RS-2, in a fresh gray-and-red paint job, sits in the sun on a beautiful fall day.
Caboose #609 (1966)
GBW wooden caboose #609 near the end of its service on the railroad.
#306 in Wisconsin Rapids (1967)
Photo taken in Wisconsin Rapids on March 18, 1967.
C-424 #313 (1967)
GBW 313, 312, and an RS unit idle away at Wisconsin Rapids.
Caboose #607 (1967)
At Wisconsin Rapids.
RS-2 #304 (1967)
Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.
RS-27 #310 (1967)
The spring thaw is underway and Alco RS-27 (model DL640) sits in a slushy Wisconsin Rapids yard.
#315 Builders Photo (1968)
A postcard picture of engine #315, awaiting delivery to the Green Bay Route.
#903 (1968)
Engine #903 was leased from the Chicago & North Western and still wears the C&NW's green-and-yellow paint scheme.
Merrillan Bridge Collapse (1968)
The wreck at the East Fork of Halls Creek on the east edge of Merrillan when the bridge collapsed in August 1968.
Merrillan Train (1968)
A pair of RS-3s lead an eastbound train over the temporary culvert over the East Fork of Halls Creek.
New Halls Creek Culvert (1968)
This culvert replaced the damaged bridge over the East Fork of Halls Creek.
Railroad Model Craftsman (1968)
The cover features GBW #312 entering the Green Bay turntable while an Alco RS-27 in Chicago & North Western colors sits nearby.
RS-11 #309 (ca. 1968)
Note that #309 has Alco Century pilot steps!
RS-2 #301 (1968)
Locomotive #301, one of four RS-2's on the roster, waits in Wisconsin Rapids for its next assignment.
RS-2 #302 (1968)
At Wisconsin Rapids.
RS-27 #310 (ca. 1968)
At Wisconsin Rapids.
RS-3 #305 (ca. 1968)
Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.
RS-3 #307 (ca. 1968)
Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.
RS-3 #308 (ca. 1968)
Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.
S-1 #103 (ca. 1968)
KGB&W #103 at Green Bay, ca. 1968.
S-2 #201 (1968)
KGB&W #201 at Green Bay.
CNW 902 (1968)
GBW 317 (ex-CNW 902) on what appears to be the Penn Central in April 1968.
WRX 9350 (1968.11)
Western Refrigerator Lines #9350-9351 had a short life on the WRX roster in the late 1960s, but these two cars were then repainted and renumbered to GBW 22090-22091 in 1971 and remained in service through the end of the GBW in 1993.
Sturgeon Bay (1968)
Great images from a very tumultuous time in the Ahnapee & Western's history.
#312 (1969)
C-424 #312 still displays vintage colors at Wisconsin Rapids in 1969.
Ballast Tamper (1969)
A ballast tamper maintains the high-speed roadbed.
C-424 #314 (1969)
#314 was a Kewaunee, Green Bay & Western unit.
Plow Train (1969)
A westbound plow train approaching Sand Road on the west edge of Merrillan.
RS-2 #301 (1969)
GB&W #301 wears the last rendition of the classic red-and-gray paint scheme.
RS-2 #303 (1969)
Wisconsin Rapids, March 3, 1969.
S-1 #102 (1969)
S-1 # 102 after sale to Nekoosa Papers, Port Edwards, Wis, 1969.
Train Wreck! (1969)
Some pictures and a short story about a Memorial Day train wreck near Luxemburg.
WRX 9436 (ca. 1969)
All-steel reefer used by the Western Refrigerator Lines.
Business car #603 (1969)
Business car #603 in Green Bay, Wis.
GBW #11208 (1969)
Ten green box cars were originally from a pool of 540 GAEX 50' damage-free box cars built from 1950-1955. They arrived about 1960 and were the first 50-foot boxcars on the GBW's roster.
Burnt Boxcar (1969)
A Green Bay Route boxcar got toasted in a US Plywood plant fire.
Caboose #608 (1969.06.06)
GBW #608 at Green Bay, June 6, 1969. This is the last known photo of this caboose.
C-430 #315 (1970)
Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.
Green Bay Station (ca. 1970)
An undated postcard photo of Green Bay's passenger station.
Sturgeon Bay Aerial (ca. 1970)
This undated postcard shows a nice aerial view of Sturgeon Bay, looking to the east.
Wisconsin Rapids Aerial (ca. 1970)
An aerial view of Wisconsin Rapids shows the Green Bay & Western's bridge over the Wisconsin River.
WRX 9350 (ca. 1970)
Western Refrigerator Lines #9350-9351 were short-lived on the WRX roster in the late 1960s and early 1970s.
GBW 878 (1971.04.04)
GBW 700 to 899 were Pullman Standard PS-1 boxcars delivered in boxcar red with black ends in 1951. The HOME OF THE PACKERS logo was added in the early 1960s.
GBW X106 (1971.09.05)
This MOW flatcar was built from the underframe of a passenger coach.
Business Car #1776 (1972)
Postcard view of business car #1776.
Roamer (1972)
A postcard view of business car "Roamer" in front of the Rock Island's depot at Ottawa, Ill.
C-424 #313 (1972)
This shot of 313 shows a few details not typically associated with the GB&W.
Leaving Bridge Yard (1972)
 Alco C-424 #314 and C-430 #315 leads a train into Winona's Bridge Yard in the summer of 1972.
Mississippi Bridge Approach (ca. 1972)
A train approaches the Mississippi River bridge after departing Bridge yard in Winona.
"All-Red" RS-2 (1973)
Carl Whittaker captured RS-2 #301 in Wisconsin Rapids on October 4, 1973.
#315 in Shop (1975)
A major failure required a complete rebuild of the Alco C-430 #315 in GBW's Norwood Yard shops.
Oneida Hill (ca. 1975)
Train No. 1 handling good tonnage up Oneida Hill.
RS-2 #304 (ca. 1975)
Alco RS-2 #304 on a sunny spring day in Wisconsin.
RS-2 #304 (1975)
RS-2 GBW #304 rests in the Wisconsin Rapids sunshine on October 18, 1975.
RS-20 #308 (1975)
One of the Green Bay Route's RS-20's at work in Green Bay.
RS-27 #317 (1975)
RS-27 # 317 shows of the paint scheme that all GB&W locos had in the 1970s.
1776 at Wisconsin Rapids (ca. 1975)
The business car was built from two International Car Company caboose shells mounted on a former Milwaukee Road 50' boxcar underframe.
Loading the Ferry (1975)
RS-27s #316-317 load the Chessie System's City of Midland 41 on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Kewaunee.
Norwood Elevator (1975)
The grain elevator dominates this view of Norwood Yard in Green Bay.
#315 in Wisconsin Rapids (1976)
It's July 1976, and #315 rests in the division point yard at Wisconsin Rapids.
AHW Excursion (ca. 1976)
Algoma Railroad Excursion train at Casco Junction.
Merrillan Crossing (1976)
Eastbound Train No. 2 passes the Merrillan depot painted in 'C&NW 400' colors.
Newspaper Ad (1976)
Promoting how the Green Bay Route avoids Chicago traffic snarls by crossing Lake Michigan in only four hours.
Plover Plume (1976.04)
RS-2 #304 shoots a plume of Alco 'turbo lag' smoke into the Plover sky.
Plover Depot (1976.04)
Eastbound Train No. 2 at the Plover depot.
Trempealeau Valley Limited (1976)
Schedule of the May 29-30, 1976 Trempealeau Valley Limited excursion.
Winona Bridge (1976)
Mississippi River bridge and the Trempealeau Valley Limited.
Precision National #901 (1976)
Precision National RS-27 #901 was soon to be repainted and renumbered as Green Bay & Western #318.
Stevens Point (1976)
An RS-2 pulls a single car across the crossing of the Soo Line main line.
McGee Promoted (1976)
A remarkable letter from the General Superintendent to the President of the GB&W informing him that he has been promoted to Locomotive Engineer.
#305 at the Yard Office (1976.04)
Bill Christopher caught RS-20 #305 at the Norwood Yard office on an overcast April day in 1976.
Caboose #618 (1976.05)
The last new cabooses on the Green Bay Route were #608 and #618, identical cars built in 1969.
Newspaper Ad (1977)
Introducing a fleet of 60' high capacity boxcars and 100 ton capacity gondolas.
Norwood Shops (1977)
A series of pictures taken at Norwood Shops in March 1977 while accompanying MIGN #1501 (ex- GBW #304) to the shop for traction motor repairs.
Train No. 1 at Norwood (1977)
Train No. 1 waits for a crew to take it westward across the state.
Caboose #615 (1977)
Wearing fresh yellow paint in Wisconsin Rapids.
AHW Excursion (1978)
Photos from a special passenger excursion trip on the Ahnapee & Western from Algoma to Casco Junction.
GBW 917 (1978.10.14)
GBW #900-949 were the first yellow boxcars on the railroad.
#310 at Green Bay (1979)
Engine #310 heads up train No. 1 on its long trek west across the state.
Conrail #2486 (1979)
This locomotive would become GBW #320 in about a year.
GB&W Adds Boxcars (1979.06.16)
Jim Gingle, switch foreman for the Green Bay & Western Railroad, rides one of 450 boxcars being delivered to the railroad during a two-month period.
AHW 4000 (1979.10)
Added to the Freight Car Photo Roster.
GBW #321 (ca. 1980)
GBW #321 shows off its paint scheme of the early 1980s.
Cargill #12 (1980)
Cargill #12 (ex-GBW #102) at Buffalo, Iowa.
Jordan Spreader (1980)
At Merrillan, configured for summertime operation.
Kewaunee (ca. 1980)
This postcard view of Kewaunee harbor has a carferry boat in it, with the Kewaunee Co-Op in the foreground.
GB&W #315 (1980)
The bright red paint of the 1970s has faded in this photo taken a few years after the Itel purchase of the GB&W.
Switching Power (1980)
GBW #305-308 were Alco RS-3s rebuilt with Alco 251 2000-horsepower engines and a lowered short hood.
Transfer Caboose (1980)
GBW #101 was a transfer caboose built in the 1960s from an old wooden caboose underframe.
Winona Enginehouse (1980)
Locomotives were housed in this facility at the west end of the railroad.
Transfer Caboose #104 (1980)
In the latter part of the 1960s the Green Bay & Western rebuilt most of their remaining wood cabooses as transfer cabooses like this one.
New Power at New London (1980.05)
Freshly rebuilt #322 was in the lead of this extra-powerful consist in May 1980.
Caboose #102 (1980.08)
In the 1960s., the Green Bay Route built five transfer cabooses were built from the underframes of old wood cabooses.
Caboose #113 (1980.08)
Built by Thrall Car in 1960 as #613, this caboose was renumbered into the #100- series in 1978.
#1201 (1981)
An interesting switcher which operated briefly on the GB&W but never was repainted.
Winona Bridge (1981)
The Winona Bridge Railway's Mississippi River bridge swing span from the center looking toward Winona.
Cupola Caboose (1981)
Green Bay & Western's caboose #112 was at the end of an eastbound train passing through Merrillan in 1981.
GBW 5000 (1981.04)
GBW 5000 was one of fifty 12' door Plate C insulated boxcars built by Fruit Growers Express for the GBW in 1981. The paint is practically still wet in this photo taken soon after it went into service.
Alco Smoke! (1982)
It's July 1982 and Green Bay & Western #312 (Alco C-424) leads a trio of power on the head end of Train No. 1, the fast-freight cross-state run.
Caboose #112 (1982)
Taken August 1982 in Plover.
Auto-Train #901 (1982.04)
Auto-Train dome car at Green Bay & Western's Norwood Shops, April 1982.
Takin' Care of Business (ca. 1982)
GBW #323 leads a short business train.
Paper Plate (ca. 1982)
A typical paper plate used on the passenger car Trempealeau River.
Sand Road (1982)
Alco C-424 #312 with a fresh on-of-a-kind paint job passes Sand Road, just west of Merillan, Wis.
Kewaunee Car Ferry (ca. 1983)
The CITY OF MIDLAND 41 at slip no. 1 in Kewaunee.
LR&W on the GB&W (1983)
What may have been the most unique pairing of diesel locomotives to ever ride the Green Bay & Western:  #312 in a one-of-a-kind "chevron" paint scheme along with LR&W #102.
GBW #55 (1983.04.23)
Thrall Door boxcars arrived in the early 70s. They were used to carry hardboard products to Ford plants in the Detroit area.
Black River Bridge (1984)
Eastbound Train No. 2 crosses over the bridge in front of the Lake Arbutus Dam at Hatfield, Wis.
East Halls Creek (1984)
The westbound train passes over the large pipe culvert east of town.
Train No. 2 at Merrillan (1984)
Bob Gile caught eastbound Train No. 2 as it crossed the Chicago & North Western tracks at Merrillan late in the afternoon on May 3, 1984.
Westbound Train No. 2 (1984)
Train No. 2 on the Whitehall Division.
One Bay Open Hopper (1984)
Seventy-five one-bay hoppers came from the Lake Superior & Ishpeming Railroad in 1982.
Eastbound Pulpwood at Rapids (1984.08)
Eastbound train No. 2 has arrived at Wisconsin Rapids.
Caboose #114 (1984.09)
Steel bay-window caboose #114.
GBW 10063 (1984)
GBW 10000-10099 were 70-ton, 50'6", Plate C boxcars (former East Camden & Highland 2351-2499) which came to the railroad in three batches during 1981 - 1984. They had minimal repainting when put into GBW service. They went off the roster in 1991
Homer E. McGee #312 (ca. 1985)
GBW #312 "Homer E. McGee" leads a freight train.
Snow Plow Train (1985)
RS-20 #306 and C-424 #312 push GBW's X190 plow the morning after a heavy snowfall.
No. 2 at Wis. Rapids (1986)
Train No. 2 arrives at Wisconsin Rapids and meets the afternoon yard job that will reclassify its train.
No. 4 at Amherst Junction (1986)
Train No. 4, the Plover Way Freight, works the Pavelski Enterprises (later FS Cooperative) fertilizer company in Amherst Junction.
Yellow River Bridge (1986.06)
The fisherman standing beneath the Yellow River bridge is unimpressed as 250 tons of GB&W locomotives pass overhead.
No. 2 at Norwood (1986.10)
This trio of GB&W Alco C-424s arrived at Norwood Yard on Train No. 2 from Wisconsin Rapids on a crisp October morning in 1986.
Train 2 at Merrillan (1988)
Eastbound Train No 2 comes into Merrillan in October 1988 behind a freshly repainted #312.
#318 in Plover Yard (ca. 1989)
Robert Schoneman photographed Green Bay & Western's Alco RS-27 locomotive in Plover.
#320 at Whiting (1989)
GBW #320 switching the Whiting Paper Mill, shortly after repainting in July 1989.
Ballast Train (1989)
GBW #318 heads up a ballast train between Wisconsin Rapids and Plover
C-420/424 Hoods (1989)
Showing the difference in the short hoods of Alco's C-424 and C-420 engines.
Wisconsin Rapids Power (1989)
GBW #318, #320, #314, and #319 ready for their next assignments.
Wisconsin Rapids Winter (1989)
GB&W 320 at Wisconsin Rapids in January 1989.
Caboose #112 (1989.09.28)
The final caboose added to the roster was this second-hand cupola caboose, originally Kansas Oklahoma & Gulf #1549, later Missouri Pacific #11241.
#305 on the FRVR (ca. 1990)
GBW #305 with a Fox River Valley Railroad engine at Wausau WI.
#321 in Winter (1990)
GBW's Alco C-424 #321 sits in Wisconsin Rapids on a sunny winter day.
#316 in Wisconsin Rapids (1990)
RS-27 #316 sits in front of the Wisconsin Rapids roundhouse.
#323 at Wisconsin Rapids (1990)
Alco C-420 #323 lays over at Wisconsin Rapids on April 9, 1990.
Business Train (ca. 1990)
The entire GB&W business car fleet of the 1980s.
Caboose #101 (ca. 1990)
A transfer caboose at Wisconsin Rapids.
Jordan Spreader (ca. 1990)
The spreader was an invaluable maintenance asset both summer and winter.
Dusk in Plover (ca. 1990)
A very late eastbound Train No. 2 pauses next to the Plover way freight at Plover, Wis.
#323 in Howard (1991)
C-420 No. 323, built as Lehigh & Hudson River No. 27 in February 1966, works the industrial park in Howard on August 20, 1991.
Trading Cards (1991)
Cards printed by All Aboard Collector Cards feature RS2 #303 and RS3 #305.
"Sprint" Train No. 10 (1991)
Short-lived "Sprint" Train No. 10 prepares to depart Wisconsin Rapids on June 19, 1991.
Crew on No. 2 (1992)
Conductor Randy Schultz talks things over with brakeman Rich Hanke prior to departing with Train No. 2 on October 3, 1992.
Homer E. McGee (1992)
#312 pauses between moves at '165,' the Badger Sand & Mining load out in Taylor, Wis.
RSD-15 #2404 (ca. 1992)
Locomotive #2404 was one of six ex-AT&SF/LS&I RSD-15 'Alligators' which wound up on the Green Bay & Western in the last years.
Train No. 4 at Plover (1992)
A dirty Alco C-424 works industries at Plover.
Alco RSD 15 #2405 (1992)
Some of the more unique power to ever ride on GBW rails had to be the ex- Lake Superior & Ishpeming RSD-15s.
East of Whitehall (1992)
Eastbound Train No. 2 crests the hill east of Whitehall.
James River Job (ca. 1992)
GBW #307 pulls a cut of cars off the Quincy Street spur near the James River Paper Company.
GBW #312 (1992)
This loco was named for "Homer E. McGee," a president of the railroad.
#309 at Del Monte (1993)
New Year's Day 1993 was not a holiday for the crew on the Plover way freight as business continued to boom in GB&W's last year.
C-420 #323 (ca. 1993)
Freshly repainted Alco C-420 GBW #323 on train #2 at Plover.
The End... (1993)
The Wisconsin Rapids engine terminal, six hours after the Fox Valley & Western Railroad takeover.
Farewell Excursion (1993)
A farewell excursion train was run on Halloween weekend just after the Wisconsin Central purchased the line.
Norwood Shops (1993)
C-424 Nos. 319 and 320 rest at Norwood on Sunday, January 24, 1993 awaiting routine maintenance.
Trio of Power (ca. 1993)
A trio of engines led by #311 at rest in Stevens Point.
West End of Norwood (1993)
No. 306 is busy assembling westbound Train No. 1.
Hudson Street (1993)
No. 306 works Job 1 as it pulls the former Milwaukee Road interchange at Hudson Street in Green Bay on July 30, 1993.
RS-20 #305 (1994)
RS-20 #305 works a cut of covered hoppers at Taylor in 1994.
End of the AHW (1995)
A contractor's truck in Casco with rails pulled from the AHW's right of way.
WC #308 (1995)
Ex-GBW #308 re-lettered for the Wisconsin Central.
#319 on the CALM (ca. 1995)
Former Green Bay & Western Alco C424 #319 operating in Arkansas on the short-lived Caddo, Antoine & Little Missouri Railroad.
AHW Enginehouse (1996)
A photo taken from southeast.
Farewell, Colonel Caboose (1999)
Who is he and what does this have to do with the Green Bay Route?
AHW Boxcar #4054 (2000)
This McCloud Railway double door boxcar still carries Ahnapee & Western markings.
Boxcar #1001 (2000)
Former auto parts boxcar #1001 at Manawa.
Caboose #101 (2000)
Transfer caboose #101, at Wisconsin Central's North Green Bay yard.
Caboose #112 (2000)
Road caboose #112 in Chippewa Falls.
End of Norwood (2000)
Photos from the dismantling of Norwood Yard's historic shop facilities
Ex-GB&W locos in Arkansas (2000)
GBW #306 meets the end of the line in Antoine AK, and three Alco Centuries ponder an uncertain future.
Jordan Spreader X190 (2000)
A complete set of detailed photos of GBW X190 from all sides.
Luxemburg Co-Op (2000)
A picture captioned 'Railroad still comes to Luxemburg' from the April 6, 2000 Luxemburg News.
Caboose #115 (2001)
GB&W Caboose # 115 at Wisconsin Central's North Fond du Lac Shops Yard on January 1, 2001.
Engine 305 (2001)
GB&W engine #305, owned by the Gopher State Railway Museum near New Prague, Minnesota.
What's Left of Norwood? (2001)
Andy Laurent captured this panoramic view of of Norwood Yard in July, 2001.
Bridge at Dodge (2001)
 The GBW's crossing of the Trempealeau River at Dodge, Wis. used an unusual skewed two-span pony truss bridge with a curved alignment to cross the muddy green waters of the Trempealeau River.
Side Dump Cars (2002)
These unique cars are used to haul granite near Stevens Point.
GBW Gondola (2002)
Gondola #33 at Wolf Brothers Sawmill, Stetsonville, Wis.
Winona Today (2004)
What's left of the GB&W in Winona, Minnesota.
Caboose 605 Rediscovered!
For the thirty years the trail of this relic of GBW's past went cold -- despite rumors that it still existed somewhere in the woods of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
RS-2s on the Move! (2004)
Ex- Green Bay & Western #301 and #303 were on the move from Blissfield, Mich. to the Lake Superior Railroad Museum in Duluth, Minn in October 2004.
Ex GBW #308 (2005)
Ex-GBW #308 has been sold in operating condition by the KB&S RR to a private owner, who plans to restore it to the GBW's classic red and gray paint scheme.
Jeep FC 170 hi-rail (2005)
A Jeep four-wheel drive maintenance truck still carries traces of Green Bay & Western lettering.
Car 54, Where Are you? (2008)
This Fairmont MT-19 speeder is painted in the GB&W's classic red-and-gray paint scheme.
New Paint for #313 (2008.09.12)
Ex-GB&W C-424 #313 has fresh coat of paint on the Minnesota Commercial Railway.
New Paint for #313 (2008.09.12)
Ex-GB&W C-424 #313 has fresh coat of paint on the Minnesota Commercial Railway.
The End is Near for #22 (2014)
Car #22 nears the end of its life at Cassville, Wisconsin.

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