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RS-3 #308 at Wisconsin Rapids, WI, ca. 1968.

Seventeen reasons to love the Green Bay Route:

Keith Meacham was kind enough to share seventeen photos of Green Bay Route diesel power in the classic red-and-gray.  Here are some more reasons...

Reason #9

Reason #11


"I have to agree with John Campbell... I think the red and gray looks best on the RS-2s & RS-3s.

Interesting to note: The GB&W was constantly upgrading their Alcos. As delivered, all of the RS-2s & at least #305 and #306 of the RS-3s came with single beam headlights, later converted to twin sealed beam retrofits inside the old single beam casing, then to the headlight shown on #308 here. All the RS-2s came with louvers on the doors, (possibly #305 and #306 as well) and GB&W later retrofitted these units with the bare carbody filters shown here. Even the two S-1 switchers and the S-2 received the bare carbody filters!

Also: Although they were still Alcos, the RS-3s as rebuilt into RS-20s kinda left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Maybe it was that chopped short hood. Milwaukee Road did that with four RSC-2's, but the result wasn't quite as esthetically insulting as the GB&W's rendering of the chopped short hood."

- Keith Meacham

Joe Stauber photo, ca. 1968.
From the collection of Keith Meacham

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