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Note that RS-11 #309 has Alco Century pilot steps!

Seventeen reasons to love the Green Bay Route:

Keith Meacham was kind enough to share seventeen photos of Green Bay Route diesel power in the classic red-and-gray.  Here are some more reasons...

Reason #10

Reason #12


"This locomotive got her snout chopped in 1964. I have photos of it in Stan Mailer's book, "The Green Bay & Western---The First 111 Years" with it still sporting its high short hood, KGB&W subsidiary lettering, and it was a short-hood forward set up.

No one has attempted to explain why this unit was rebuilt as such an early age, barely 8 years of age (it was built in 1956). Of all the GB&W power I have seen, #309 here has crept into my vision thrice. In other words, I've seen this goat more than any other GB&W locomotive.

An anomaly: Note here that #309 has Alco Century pilot steps! In another photo I have of #309 in this paint scheme, she has regular Alco-built RS-11 Steps. No explanation has been coming about this oddity, either. GB&W later reapplied the as-built steps (or a reasonable facsimile thereof), probably when #309 was repainted into solid red.

The model I built of #309 is going to get a bath in stripper pretty soon and get repainted into this. I likes it better. I may rebuild the fuel tank at that time, as well."

- Keith Meacham

Joe Stauber photo, ca. 1968.
From the collection of Keith Meacham

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