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#302, #307 at Norwood

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Two shots of RS-2 #302 and RS-3 #307 together at Norwood Yard in Green Bay, taken on the same day.

GBW #302 & #307
at Norwood Yard:

RS-2 #302

RS-3 #307

These are a great pair of photos that show all corners of the units, similar to a mini-walkaround. This gives an all-sides snapshot of what these units looked like at the time.  In addition they give a good comparison of the differences between the Alco RS-2 and RS-3 locomotives.

Although the two locomotives are nearly identical in appearance, each having a smoothly rounded hood and cab, there are several spotting differences between the Alco RS-2 and RS-3 locomotives:

  • The RS-2 fuel tank was located under the cab, while the RS-3 fuel tank was located between the trucks under the frame.  This results in a very noticeable spotting feature since the RS-2s have much more open space between the trucks, compared to the RS-3s.  In the 1960s the GBW RS-2s had "belly packs" added -- salvaged fuel tanks, air reservoirs and batteries from the FA-1 fleet which were retired at that time.
  • There is a small battery box on the running board just in front of the hood on the RS-3s, which results in the walkway stepping down beyond the battery box.  On the RS-2 the steps up to the cab level are inside the cab.
  • The fuel filler for the RS-2 is on the side of the cab, as can be seen in the photos where #302 is being fueled!  The RS-3 filler is on top of the fuel tank.

Unfortunately, the photo is undated.  RS-3 #307 was delivered in July, 1955.  RS-2 #302 looks to be freshly out of her hood rebuilding program where the louvered doors on the sides of the hood were replaced by plain doors with a few large filter openings.  (#307 was delivered without louvers on the doors.)

An interesting side note is the checkerboard pattern along the frame, numbers on the ends of the locos, but no numbers on the cab sides.  GBW curiously enough carried only the locomotive's number in the glass boards provided by the the manufacturer. Only in the early 1960s, when ICC regulations required it, did the locomotives receive yellow Scotchlite numerals on the sides of the cab.

Alco built RS-2 locomotives from October 1946 until May 1950, when they switched to the RS-3 locomotive production. RS-3 production continued until February 1956, when the RS-11 model supplanted it. [It is interesting to note that -- after the RS-2s and RS-3s -- the next locomotive on the GBW roster #309 was an RS-11, delivered in September 1956.  Had the railroad made the decision to purchase power only a few months earlier, it most likely would have been an RS-3 instead.]

Photos undated
From the collection of
Andy Laurent.

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