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Jeep FC 170 hi-rail

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Did you know...

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A Jeep four-wheel drive maintenance truck still carries traces of Green Bay & Western lettering.
The Jeep FC 170:

Willys Motors began production of the four-wheel-drive Jeep Forward Control (FC) truck in 1956. Two models were offered, the four-cylinder FC-150 and the six-cylinder FC-170. The FC-170 had a 3,500 pound payload capacity and a 110" truck bed that was actually longer than the wheelbase length!

Approximately 32,000 Jeep FCs were built before the end of production in 1965.

Modeling a Jeep FC:

You can base an HO scale model of the GBW's Jeeps on an EKO Jeep vehicle
($2.49 retail), although the EKO model is actually a Jeep FC-150, not a FC-170. The FC-150 had a shorter bed (6'-6" vs. 9'-0") and an inline 4-cylinder engine instead of an inline 6 -- although I suspect that that second fact won't be noticeable on an HO model!

GBW's Jeeps:

GBW Jeep in 2005

Larger Image

GBW Jeep in 1962
Larger Image

The Green Bay & Western added two hi-rail Jeep FC 170s to its fleet in 1962; they remained in service until 1970 when Jameson Shipley's grandfather, worked for the Green Bay & Western Lines for many years, purchased the pair. Jameson is restoring one of the trucks.  You can still see traces of the Green Bay & Western lettering on the door, and the paint scheme is based on the red & gray scheme used on locomotives in that era.

The November 18, 1962 Green Bay Press-Gazette had the following article about these vehicles:

Area Railway Now Using Popular Jeep

Don't be surprised one of these days if you're flagged down by a four-wheel drive Jeep at a Green Bay and Western crossing anywhere between Kewaunee, Wis and Winona, Minn. This week American Auto sales in Green Bay delivered two of the versatile Jeeps to the locally based freight carrier, the only line which provides through service east and west across the state. The FC 170 Jeeps are fitted with special railroad wheels, but retain original rubber tired wheels for the road. The Green Bay and Western Jeeps won't be hauling freight. They're maintenance vehicles which will provide the railroad with speedy units to check rails, bridges and signal equipment on a daily basis.

Better Visibility

The cab-over-engine Jeep models were selected because of their better visibility, dependability and versatility, according to L. M. Becker, Vice-president of American Auto Sales. During the winter they will be equipped with snow plows that will make them completely maneuverable on the rails, highways and even over rough terrain. "The rugged construction and long recognized dependability makes it an important asset to a railroad which operates on a rigid time schedule that must be met and maintained," Becker declared. "This model Jeep is ideal for rail because it is fast, efficient and ready to go any hour of the day for regular or emergency services," he added.

Two Way Radios

The Jeeps are equipped with two-way radios for quick communication anywhere along the railroads 200 miles of lines. The radio equipment is particularly important in emergencies because the vehicles can move over the roughest kind of terrain off regular roads to reach any point along the line where trouble may occur.

L. M. Becker, Vice President of American Auto, R. A. Hagen, Roadmaster and L. H. Wolfe, Track Supervisor in front of GBW's Jeep FC 170 hi-rail vehicles and an Alco S-2 switcher.


Jameson Shipley photo, February 2005
This photo may not be reproduced without permission.

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