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GBW 50000

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GBW 5000 was one of fifty 12' door Plate C insulated boxcars built by Fruit Growers Express for the GBW in 1981. The paint is practically still wet in this photo taken soon after it went into service. A handwritten list that from a former GB&W shipper's 'car service' files from the era says these cars were "assigned loads," but I do not have information on what industry was assigned these cars.

Jim Eager collection , 1981.08 .
This photo may not be reproduced without permission.

Official Railway Equipment Register data:

GBW 50000 to 50049   (50 cars)
ORER description: Refrig., Stl., Cush. Und., Movable Blkhds., Roller Bearings, 50K AAR Mech. Designation: RBL
Dimensions: 52'-6" IL x 9'-6" IW x 10'-6" IH Capacity: 5327 cu. ft.; 137000 lbs
Doors: 12'-0" W x 10'-0" H
ORER car totals
& dates:
0 (1/82); 50 (1/83); 50 (1/84); 50 (1/86); 50 (1/87); 50 (1/88); 50 (1/89); 50 (1/90); 50 (4/91); 50 (1/92); 50 (7/93);

Go here for a link to full ORER data, including comments on car series GBW 50000 to 50049.

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