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Typical paperwork used to operate trains on the railroad.

Bad Order Form
Bad order form in use during the 1970's.
Bulletin #1330 (1968)
A track bulletin covers the movement of the business car ROAMER over the railroad on May 9-10, 1968.
Switch Lists
The cars, loads, and destinations of freight cars picked up and set out by a train.
[A&W 1967.10.30]   [GBW 1984]   [GBW 1986]
Train List
A switching list for Train No. 1 on Friday, August 22, 1986.
Train Orders
Dispatching forms were used to relocate the meeting spot for trains and alter the rules of the Timetable.
Bill of Lading (1937)
This provides is the GBW's freight agent the information needed to bill the car movement.
AHW Waybills (1962)
A listing all the inbound loaded freight cars received by the Ahnapee &Western Railway from July 1 through August 27, 1962.

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