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Bad Order Form

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Bad order form in use during the 1970's.

When a defective car is found by a car inspector, he tacks a Bad Order Form on or near the door of the car. That car may not be moved from the yard where the inspection occurred until the necessary repairs are made.

I found this form lying discarded at Norwood Yard in Green Bay; I can't remember exactly when, but it was about 1978 or so.  The form was in pretty rough shape, but seeing how I never had seen a Bad Order Form before, I decided to keep it and file it away for future reference.

The bad order says "B/O train line bent." The train line is the main brake pipe under the car that stick out on the ends, where the angle cocks are mounted, right next to the coupler. This often happens where the drawbars bypass and ram into the adjacent car�s angle cock/train line assembly. The shortened notation on the bad order form was probably done on a conductor's busy day, probably due to a rookie brakeman who bypassed the drawbar.

And here is the back side of the Bad Order form.  I believe this side is completed when the car is finally returned to the owner.

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