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Books about the Green Bay Route.

Listed alphabetically by author.

1. -  Locomotive Cyclopedia of American Practice, 1922, Simmons-Boardman Publishing Corp.
KGB&W builders photo of 2-6-0 #39.

2. -  Model Railroader Cyclopedia - Volume 1: Steam Locomotives, Kalmbach Publishing, Waukesha, Wis.
Article titled: GB&W 2-6-0.

3. -  Model Railroader Cyclopedia - Volume 2: Diesel Locomotives, Kalmbach Publishing, Waukesha, Wis.
Article titled: Alco 2400-hp Road Switcher, Model RS-27.

4. -  Modern Motive Power in Action: A General Electric Motive Power Report on the Ahnapee & Western Railroad, 1953
Part of a series touting GE locomotives and their abilities.

5. -  The Best of Mainline Modeler’s Freight Cars: Volume Two, 1990, Phoenix Publishing, Blaine, Wash.
(100 pages softcover) Two articles: 'USRA Single-Sheathed Box Car' by James E. Lane, includes prototype photos of Green Bay & Western, Columbus & Greenville, Kansas City Southern, Canadian National, and Central Vermont; 'The Greenville 60-Foot Box Car' by M. E. Vaughan and Todd Sullivan, includes prototype photos of Green Bay & Western, Grand Trunk Western, Missouri Pacific, Wabash, and Detroit Toledo & Ironton.

6. -  Train Shed Cyclopedia No. 45: Locos of the 40's & 50's (Steam) Part 1 from the 1941 Locomotive Cyclopedia and Railway Mechanical Engineer, Stephans Railroad History, Talbott, Tenn.
The "Steam Locomotives 2-8-2 Type" section includes information on the GB&W, along with Akron, Canton & Youngstown; Alton & Southern; Canadian Pacific; Chicago, Indianapolis & Louisville; Detroit & Toledo Shore Line; Detroit, Toledo & Ironton; Georgia Northern Light; Green Bay & Western; Louisiana & Arkansas; Louisville & Nashville; Missouri Pacific; St Louis-San Francisco; Southern Railway; Western Pacific; and the US War Department.

7. -  Train Shed Cyclopedia No. 52: Steam Locomotives from the 1919 Locomotive Cyclopedia (Part 1), Stephans Railroad History, Talbott, Tenn.
The "2-6-0 Type Locomotive" section includes information on the KGB&W, anlong with Southern Pacific; Livingston Lumber Co.; Central Railroad of Haiti; San Jose Sugar Co.; Santo Domingo; Helen Lumber Co.; and the Krajewski Pesant Co.

8. Appel, Walter A.. ALCO Official Color Photography, 1998, Morning Sun Books, Kutztown, Penn., ISBN: 9781582480060
(128 pages hardcover) Company photos of new ALCOs from the early 1950s till the end, posed right outside the shops and out on the road. Includes some GB&W.

9. Baker, Bob. Wisconsin Rails: A nostalgic view of railroading in the Badger State (and Michigan's Upper Peninsula), 1987, Wisconsin Chapter NRHS, Butler, Wis.

10. Baker, Bob. Wisconsin Rails II: A passage of time - growing up with railroading in the Badger State, 1994, Wisconsin Chapter NRHS, Racine, Wis.

11. Becker, Walter F. Railway & Locomotive Historical Society Bulletin #117: Additional Data on the Locomotives in Bulletin 115, October 1967, Railway and Locomotive Historical Society, Boston, Mass.
Pages 61-62 has additional information on some of the early locomotives on the roster.

12. Borne, Jeff. Railroad Depots of Wisconsin, PrairieWorks, Eden Prairie, Minn.
(photo CD) The Wisconsin depots are on the lines of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy, Chicago & North Western; Chicago, North Shore & Milwaukee, Green Bay & Western, Milwaukee Road, Northern Pacific and Soo Line. The photo album has 186 images and in some instances have both the original depot and its replacement. The images come from photos, slides and postcards. Includes Green Bay, Hatfield, Iola, Merillian, Seymour and .Whitehall

13. Bradley, James T.. Cabooses of North America: Volume 2, 1991, Bradley Enterprises, Irving, Tex.
Includes ad material from International Caboose Co., some GB&W content, plus many other railroads.

14. Burg, Thomas E.. The Green Bay & Western Steam Era: Locomotive Photos from the Roy Campbell Collection, 2006, Merrill Publishing Associates
(180 pages softcover & photo CD) Contains 169 images from the collection of Roy Campbell. All images have captions providing locomotive histories, dates and places of photographs, and identities of any photographers other than Campbell (where known). They are stored as 600 dpi scans in Adobe Acrobat format. The images are also available on glossy paper and ring-bound for easy viewing.

15. Burg, Thomas E.. Wisconsin Shortline and Logging Steam Locomotives: Photos from the Roy Campbell Collection, 2008, Merrill Publishing Associates, ISBN: 978-0-9795752-7-3
(softcover & photo CD) Pages 76-95 covers the Iola & Northern, Waupaca – Green Bay and Ahnapee & Western.

16. Burkhardt, D. C. Jesse. Travelogue From an Unruly Youth, January 2007, Rolling Dreams Press, White Salmon, Wash., ISBN: 978-0966104219
(176 pages softcover) The writer's journey riding on freight railroads. Includes experiences of stowing away on the railroad carferry Chief Wawatam and riding on the An Arbor Railroad, Soo Line, Green Bay & Western, Rock Island, others.

17. Cook, Preston. The Railroad Night Scene, July 1991, Old Line Graphics, Silver Spring, MD, ISBN: 1879314061
(128 pages ) Includes a look at Night time photography techniques, as well as many photos of railroad operations at night. Includes a look at the New York Central, D&H, Maine Central, Bangor & Aroostook, New Haven, Canadian pacific, CNJ, Penn Central,Cass Scenic, East Broad Top, Erie Lackawanna, South Shore, Illinois Central, Rock Island, Gulf Mobile & Ohio, Santa Fe,Milwaukee Rd, Burlington Route C&NW, Soo, Green Bay & Western, Chicago Great Western, Union Pacific, Southern Pacific, Seaboard, and more. Many photos, all color.

18. Drury, George. The Historical Guide to North American Railroads, 1999, Kalmbach Publishing, Waukesha, Wis., ISBN: 890243565
Article titled: Green Bay & Western Railroad / Fox River Valley Railroad.

19. Edson, William D. Railway & Locomotive Historical Society Bulletin #116: Green Bay and Western Corrections and Additions in Locomotive Roster, April 1967, Railway and Locomotive Historical Society, Boston, Mass.
Page 75 has corrections to the roster published in RLHS bulletin #115.

20. Elrond G., Lawrence. Rails West '89: A Photographic Look at The Year In Railroading, January 2000, Pentrex Media Group LLC, Pasadena, Calif., ISBN: 9780916374907
(80 pages softcover) This book is a pictorial of that 1989, with photos taken by some of America's finest rail photographers. Photos of: GBW, SF; FNM; UP; SP; WC/OXFORD; BN; WC; IC; McCloud River; UP 8444; SP 4449; CNW; Leadville, Colorado & Southern; CP Rail; LACTC; Amtrak; Texas Southern; Erie Mining; DWP; GTW; Montana Rail Link; Wyoming Colorado RR; Grand Canyon RY; Napa Valley wine train; MKT; SOO; SSW; KCS; VIA; Utah Railway; TP&W; Iowa Interstate; Wisconsin & Calumet; Western Pacific

21. Follmar, Joseph. Grand Crossings: Railroading and People in La Crosse, Wisconsin, 1992, The 4000 Foundation, Ltd., La Crosse, Wis.
(94 pages ) Includes two color covers with eight inside color pages, and is heavily illustrated with photos and maps. The book was reviewed in the September 1993 Trains Magazine on page 84 as well as in several railroad historical society organs.

22. Forero, Jr., George A.. Algoma Railroad: Your Guide to the Algoma Railroad Company and Brillion and Forest Junction Railroad, 1979, Trans Northern Inc.
(36 pages softcover) This brochure is a history and guide to two shortline railroads in Wisconsin; the Algoma Railroad, and the Brillion and Forest Junction Railroad. Both lines were owned by Trans Northern, Inc.

23. Garnhart, Randy. Reflections: A Gallery of Railway Photographs, Vol. 1, No. 2, 1990, Skywood Graphics, Rockford Ill.
(32 pages softcover) Includes 32 black and white photos of steam and diesel. Railroads include: Green Bay & Western, Rock Island, Chicago & North Western, Illinois Central, Milwaukee Road, Chicago Great Western, Frisco, Minneapolis & St. Louis, Gulf Mobile & Ohio, Illinois Terminal, Elgin Joliet & Eastern and Soo Line. Produced by the North Western Illinois Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society.

24. Gnacinski, Janneyne L. Station No. 66, Iola, Wisconsin: The story of Iola's railroad and the preservation of its depot, 1985, Iola Historical Society

25. Grubner, John. GBW, Wisconsin's Historic East-West Railroad, 1986, Mid-Continent Railway Historical Society, North Freedom, Wis.
Several short articles on various aspects of the GBW, including historical, current operations, and structures on the railroad.

26. Heimburger, Donald J.. Trains of America: All-Color Railroad Photography Featuring the Late Steam and Early Diesel Era, 1990, Heimburger House Publishing Co., Forest Park, Ill., ISBN: 0911581138
(204 pages hardcover) Steam and diesel from 1940 to 1965. Includes some GB&W, also many other railroads.

27. Henderson, John. Cabins, Crummies & Hacks (& Vans) - Volume 3: North & West, 1992, H&M Productions, Flushing, N.Y.
(80 pages ) Page 31 has a color photo of caboose #607 taken in 1966.

28. Henderson, John. Classic Freight Cars - Volume 3: 40-ft Refrigerator Cars, 1993, H&M Productions, Flushing, N.Y., ISBN: 1-882608-01-1
Pages 37 and 38 have several shots of WRX/GBW cars in all-white and the red and light grey paint schemes. On page 64 there is a more modern RBL plug door car lettered GBW.

29. Henderson, John. Classic Freight Cars - Volume 4: 40-ft Open & Closed Hopper Cars, 1993, H&M Productions, Flushing, N.Y., ISBN: 1-882608-02X
(64 pages ) Page 31 has an image of a Green Bay & Western hopper.

30. Hendrickson, Richard H. and Edward S. Kaminski. Billboard Refrigerator Cars, 08 2008, ISBN: 9781930013223
(222 pages Hardcover) Hundreds of these paint schemes are documented, together with details of the leasing companies and car builders associated with the individual cars. More than 440 photographs are in this book. Chapter 5 (pp. 73-92) covers Western Refrigerator Lines and NWRX reefers.

31. Hilton, George W. The Great Lakes Car Ferries, 1962, Berkeley, Calif.
(282 pages hardcover) Extensive coverage of all Great Lakes carferries; separate chapters devoted to Ann Arbor and Pere Marquette. Much of the emphasis is on mishaps.

32. Joyce, Robert E. Wisconsin Railroads: A Corporate History, 1976, Wisconsin Chapter NRHS
A listing of the incorporation, sale, and/or bankruptcy dates of the hundreds of railroads that operated in Wisconsin.

33. Kaysen, James P. The Railroads of Wisconsin, 1827-1937, August 1937, Railway and Locomotive Historical Society, Boston, Mass.
Includes state map, construction statistics (miles of railroad built by year), old pictures of depots and locomotives, as well as line abandonments.

34. Leider, David. The Story of Waupaca and its Railroads, Waupaca Historical Society, Waupaca, Wis.
Includes a history of the Waupaca - Green Bay Railroad.

35. Mailer, Stan. Green Bay & Western, 1989, Bob Hayden Consulting & Editorial Services (Hundmann Publishing), Santa Fe, N.M.
(hardcover) The definitive work on the Green Bay Route. Stan Mailer has done an excellent job of documenting every phase of the Green Bay & Western's history, from the first attempts at building a trans-Wisconsin rail link to the aftermath of the purchase of GB&W by Itel Corporation in 1977. The book retails for $47.95 and can be purchased from many booksellers. My local Barnes and Noble would have needed to special order it, but I was able to buy a copy right from stock at

36. Maywood, Henry. Classic Freight Cars - Volume 8: 50-ft Boxcars, 1995, H&M Productions, Flushing, N.Y., ISBN: 1-882608-11-9
There is a color photo of GBW 2574 in the book.

37. Nelson, Andrew. Green Bay & Western Color Pictorial, April 2003, Four Ways West Publications, La Mirada, Calif., ISBN: 1-885614-57-8
(hardcover) The book is divided into the following chapters: 1) History starting in the 1960s, but focusing more on the later years up to and through the Wisconsin Central sale. 2) Kewaunee Division 3) Green Bay terminal with a subchapter on Norwood Shops 4) New London Division with a subchapter on the Stevens Point Branch. 5) Wisconsin Rapids terminal 6) Whitehall Division.

38. Nielsen, Marvin. Locomotives of the Upper Midwest Photo Archive: Diesel Power in the 1960's & 1970's, May 2004, Iconografix Incorporated, ISBN: 1583881131
(128 pages softcover) Handpicked selection of the author's finest photographs featuring from Green Bay & Western, Soo Line, Chicago & North Western, Burlington Northern, Milwaukee Road, Wisconsin Central and others. 122 B&W photos, 10¼x 8½.

39. Nielson, Marvin. Trains of the Upper Midwest Photo Archive: Steam and Diesel in the 1950's and 1960's, March 2001, Iconografix Incorporated, ISBN: 1583880364
(128 pages softcover) Besides the Green Bay Route, the book covers the Chicago and North Western, Omaha Road, Milwaukee Road, Great Northern, Northern Pacific, Duluth Missabe and Iron Range, Soo Line, Chicago Great Western, Rock Island, Illinois Central and Burlington Route. The book is laid out horizontal with one large photo per page.

40. Olmsted, Robert P.. Remembering Midwestern Alcos: 1962-1982 (CNW, GB&W, GM&O, Missabe & Monon), 2000, Wayner Publications, New York, N.Y.
(80 pages hardcover) This is Bob's 30th book of a series on North American railroading. There's plenty of Alco smoke on the GB&W, as well as the C&NW, GM&O, DM&IR and Monon. 80 pages, b&w photos.

41. Olson, Judy. The Waupaca-Green Bay Railway, 1966, Wisconsin State University Foundation, Stevens Point, Wis.

42. Plant, Jeremy. Classic Locomotives, Vol. 4: RS3, July 1998, ISBN: 978-1882608201
(156 pages hardcover) Over 225 mostly action photos of RS3s dressed in almost every paint scheme from every railroad that ever operated this type of locomotive. Jeremy describes in detail the individual nuances of each railroads RS3s as well as reporting stories from the men who built, operated and repaired these units.

43. Porter, Russ. America's Rail Pictorial, 1998, MBI Publishing, St. Paul, Minn., ISBN: 911581421
(152 pages ) Along with GB&W, includes color photos of AT&SF, B&O, CB&Q, C&EI, C&O, CSL, CGW, CN, CP, C&WI, DM&IR, D&N, DW&P, EJ&E, EL, GM&O, GN, GTW, IC, LS&I, MRofSL, MN&S, Monon, NKP, NYC, NP, PRR, RI, Soo Line, TP&W, UP, Wabash and a couple of others.

44. Rosholt, Malcolm. Trains of Wisconsin, 1985, Rosholt, Wis.
(176 pages ) The GB&W and KGB&W are covered to some extent, as are all Wisconsin railroads. The majority of the information is on the steam era; in fact the only Green Bay Route diesel pictured is #101.

45. Rutherford, R. Craig. Alco's FA: Running In The Shadow, 2005, Four Ways West Publications, La Mirada, Calif., ISBN: 1885614675
(160 pages hardcover) Features the story of the Alco-GE and MLW FA series locomotives. The FAs of 33 railroads including the GBW/KGB are shown, and included are development information and rosters. Mostly color photos, but some b&w.

46. Sasse, Scott. Chicago & North Western Railroad History at New London, Wisconsin, 2004, New London Historical Society, New London, Wis.
(144 pages softcover) Includes GB&W activities at New London Junction, floor plans of the 1882 New London Junction depot and the 1876 and 1923 CNW depots. 96 black & white photos, 12 timetables, railroad advertising and newspaper accounts. Copies available for $17 at C&NW Depot, 900 Montgomery Street in New London or for $19 by mail postpaid at: C&NW Book, P.O. Box 334, Evansville, WI 53536. Please make checks or money orders payable to 'C&NW Book.'

47. Schafer, Mike. Vintage Diesel Locomotives, April 1998, MBI Publishing, St. Paul, Minn., ISBN: 760305072
Showcases diesel-electric locomotives from the mid-1930s to the late 1960's from GM, GE, and Alco. Page 60: Photo of GBW 313 and 315 switching Luxemburg in 1970. (both units are in red/gray and the photo is from a very nice SW angle in spring/summer); Page 87: Photo of AW 600 in 1971. (this photo is a nice shot of a crew member in front of the 600 in orange/white in Algoma; mislabeled Casco Junction).

48. Sprecht, Ray. A Functional Analysis of the Green Bay & Western Railroad, 1959, Wisconsin State University Foundation, Stevens Point, Wis.
(29 pages softcover) Reviews the organization and operation of the GB&W, with a heavy focus on its freight commodities and traffic patterns, to include the historical evolution of the traffic. The 11-page text is supplemented with some 18 full-page charts, graphs, maps and other illustrations. Some of the illustrations focus on major topics, such as the GB&W's zone of influence for print paper, while others focus on minor topics such as the delivery of potatoes and paper to the GB&W by the C&NW at New London, Wisconsin. Other illustrations include comparative traffic summaries, time schedules for movements, even cheese delivered to other railroads.

49. Sprecht, Ray and Ellen Sprecht. Railway & Locomotive Historical Society Bulletin #115: The Story of the Green Bay and Western, October 1966, Railway and Locomotive Historical Society, Boston, Mass.
(hardcover/softcover) An interesting synopsis of the Green Bay & Western and affiliated routes with particular emphasis on the early years of operations and financial transactions of the various lines. This book is hard to find; I got my softcover copy for $25 from BookMine, and a hardcover copy recently sold on eBay for about $70.

50. Sullivan, Todd. The Best of Mainline Modeler's Freight Cars Volume 2
Article titled: The Greenville 60' Boxcar.

51. Warrick, Robert I.. The Ann Arbor Railroad In Color: History and Operations 1869 to 1976, 2008, Morning Sun Books, Kutztown, Penn., ISBN: 978-1582482354
(128 pages ) Contents: Introduction, pp. 1-7; Ch. 1: Building the Ann Arbor Railroad, pp. 7-24; Ch. 2: The First DT&I Era, pp. 25-28; Ch. 3: The Ann Arbor Railroad Company, pp. 29-36; Ch. 4: The Wabash Era, pp. 37-70; The Second DT&I Era, pp. 71-108; Afterword's, pp. 109-128 (Conrail, Cross Lake Operations, The Ann Arbor today).

52. Wicklander, Carole. How Goods Are Moved, Rand McNally Canada, Markham, Ontario, ISBN: 019050010P
(16 pages hardcover) This oversized children's book (14 3/8" x 19 1/2") really doesn't have any GBW content in it, but it does have a great photo of a GBW winter train scene on the dust jacket!

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