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Craig Wilson modeled a unique Green Bay & Western 40' boxcar which is not available as a commercial model.

GBW/MILW 40' PS-1 Boxcar with 9' Door from E&C Shops Kit
by Craig Wilson

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The prototype cars, the HO boxcar model, and a parts list.

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The Prototypes

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One of the less common types of the Pullman-Standard boxcar was the 40-foot length with a 9-foot door opening. Both the Green Bay and Western and Milwaukee Road had versions of these cars:

GBW 900-949 (50 cars):

These cars were built by Pullman-Standard in June 1959 with P-S doors and roller bearing trucks. They were fitted internally with DF Loaders with adjustable rub rails and used primarily to haul finished paper products. These cars were the first yellow boxcars on the Green Bay Route. The original paint scheme had 12" high GREEN BAY AND WESTERN lettering and black ends. They were repainted in 1962, getting the famous 'Home of the Packers' football emblems, but now with yellow ends. By 1964 the cars were reclassified as XML and again by 1966 as XMP. Around 1970 the cars were painted in the standard GBW yellow scheme without the Packers lettering.

GBW 1000-1005 (5 cars):

GBW added five additional PS-1 boxcars in 1963. These cars were outwardly identical to the GBW 900-949 cars. Originally painted dark green with yellow lettering and a  'Home of the Packers' logo; around 1970 the cars were painted in the standard GBW yellow scheme.

MILW 30250-30649 (400 cars):

Built in 1961, Milwaukee Road series 30250-30649 were nearly identical to the GBW cars except for the Youngstown corrugated doors. The MILW cars were originally painted oxide red with black ends. In 1965 they were reclassified XML and received 'DF2' emblems on the doors.

Others car series:

Other railroads which had similar 40' PS-1 boxcars with 9-foot doors included:
Car series Built Door type Images and notes
CNW 24100-24199 1956 P-S  
GBW 900-949 1959 P-S GBW 909
GBW 1000-1005 1963 P-S  
L&C 1000-1019 1952 Superior 7-panel L&C 1000
L&N 8750-8999 1956 Superior 6-panel Wore a variety of paint schemes over the years; many were rebuilt, refurbished and /or renumbered. Several cars were fitted with round roof hatches for feldspar loading.  Examples of some of these boxcars can be found in the L&N Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment Vol. 1 (by Steve Johnson, Morning Sun Books, 2000).
LS&I 2500-2620 1966* Superior 6-panel LS&I 2601   LS&I2606
MILW 17400-17699 1959 P-S MILW 17625
MILW 30000-30249 1961 Youngstown  
MILW 30250-30649 1961 Youngstown MILW 30296
MKT 940-948 1961 P-S  
SOU 30000-30499 1951 Youngstown SOU 30453
SOU 30500-32018   Superior 7-panel SOU 31575
* The LS&I cars were rebuilt from

In addition, LS&I rebuilt 69 40-foot PS-1 boxcars in 1966 with 9-foot doors.  The March 1993 Railmodel Journal has a complete list of new-built 40-foot PS-1 boxcars.

The Model

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There are no commercially available models to match these cars, but an E&C Shops 50-foot Pullman-Standard boxcar kit can be used as the basis of a kitbashing project. These same kits were also marketed for Branchline Trains. The kits do not have as finely molded details as some of the more recent offerings, but the modifications made for the kitbash will eliminate most of their shortcomings.

The E&C Shops / Branchline Trains 50' PS-1 kit is available with either P-S doors or corrugated (Youngstown) doors. A kit with a P-S door is needed to model a Green Bay & Western boxcar and a corrugated door kit is needed to make a Milwaukee Road model.

Although the E&C Shops Boxcar kit has been out of production since 1998, these kits can be found through some dealers or else check secondhand sources such as eBay. The P-S door models are a little harder to find than the corrugated door models. [ Search eBay for E&C 50' PS-1 boxcar kits ]

The photo below shows nearly all the parts used in this project. The red P-S door body will become the GBW car while the blue body will be used for the MILW car. InterMountain Railway parts will be used for the ends, roof and body details. The underframe and roller bearing trucks from the E&C Shops kit will be used, although one could choose to replace these as well.

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Parts List

Table of Contents

Manufacturer Part Part No. Walthers
E&C Shops 50' PS-1 Boxcar Single Panel Door #1700 n/a Also marketed for Branchline Trains.  See text to decide which particular  model to use.
E&C Shops 50' PS-1 Boxcar Single Corrugated Door   n/a
Intermountain Railway Company Pullman Standard Roof for 40' PS-1 Box Car P40400-06 85-4040006 
Intermountain Railway Company Body Details 40' or 50' PS-1 Box Car P40400-09
or P40400-59
Intermountain Railway Company Pullman Standard Ends for 40' or 50' PS-1 Box Car P40400-13
or P40400-63

Intermountain Railway Company Underframe for 40' PS-1 Box Car P40400-16 85-4040016 Optional - for more detailed underframe
Intermountain Railway Company Underbody Details for 40' PS-1 Box Car P40400-18 85-4040018 Optional - for more detailed underframe
Athearn Trains Underframe, 40' Box ATH12026 not available Optional - for body bolsters
Kadee Quality Products Apex Running Board 40' 2000 thru 2003 380-2000 
A-Line Freight car stirrup steps Type A #29000 116-29000   
A-Line Freight car stirrup steps Type C #29002 116-29002   
Testor Corp. Floquil Railbox Yellow F110033 270-110033 For GBW 900-949 series
Testor Corp. Polly Scale C&NW Green F414188 270-414188 For GBW 1000-1004 series
Testor Corp. Floquil Boxcar Red F110074 270-110074 For MILW 30250-30649 series
Testor Corp. Floquil Engine Black F110010 270-110074 For MILW 30250-30649 series
Ann Arbor RR Tech. & Hist. Assoc.   GBW Set # 1 not available For some white data on for GBW 1000-1004 boxcars
Ann Arbor RR Tech. & Hist. Assoc. GBW Set # 2 not available For GBW 900-949 boxcars.
Ann Arbor RR Tech. & Hist. Assoc.   GBW Set # 3 not available For GBW 1000-1004 boxcars
Ann Arbor RR Tech. & Hist. Assoc. GBW Set # 4 not available "Packers" emblems for GBW 900-949 and  GBW 1000-1004 in the 1960s
Mark Vaughn Decals Milwaukee Road
Miscellaneous Decals
Set QQ not available  

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