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Craig Wilson modeled a unique Green Bay & Western 40' boxcar which is not available as a commercial model.

GBW/MILW 40' PS-1 Boxcar with 9' Door from E&C Shops Kit
by Craig Wilson

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Painting and decaling.

Photo 6

The completed models are shown ready for service. GBW 1003 was painted with Polly Scale C&NW green which is a nice dark green color. It is lettered with custom decals developed by Arnt Gerritsen and Craig Wilson, available from the Ann Arbor RR Technical & Historical Association. GBW Set #3 is specifically made for the GBW #1000-1004 green cars with yellow lettering. Since mine was painted to match a photo of the car that had been reweighed and reassigned, some of the data is white rather than yellow. This white lettering came from the AARRT&HA GBW Set #1. The "Packers" emblems come from AARRT&HA GBW Set #4

I have also done a number of cars from the GBW 900-949 series. These were painted using Floquil Railbox Yellow. The perception of color is highly subjective (and often hotly debated) but these colors seem to work for me under my lighting conditions. And I can adjust them a little with some careful weathering.

The body of MILW 30526 was painted with Floquil boxcar red and the ends were painted engine black. It is lettered with white data from the AARRT&HA GBW Set #1 while the reporting marks, numbers, large "MILWAUKEE ROAD" and herald come from a Mark Vaughn set QQ. My model is intended to represent a two year old car which has not yet been re-equipped/reclassified to XML status, so it does not have the DF2 logo on the doors.

This is a relatively straightforward kitbashing project that results in nice models of a unique prototype. For anyone modeling the Green Bay & Western or its connections in the 1960's or 1970's, these common paper service cars are a necessary part of the roster.

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