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Craig Wilson modeled a unique Green Bay & Western 40' boxcar which is not available as a commercial model.

GBW/MILW 40' PS-1 Boxcar with 9' Door from E&C Shops Kit
by Craig Wilson

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Modify the side sills to match the prototype; add body details.

Photo 3

The side sills need to be modified match the prototypes. Since I was doing multiple cars, I made a template out of 0.040" styrene sheet. The dimensions are shown in Photo 3.

Like the car bodies, the overall length is 39 3/4 feet. I marked the centerline and door edges so I could check that the template was lined up properly on the body. I held the template in place firmly but you could also use some tape to secure it while you mark the body. To trim the side sill, I used a new, sharp hobby knife blade and a straightedge. Carefully file and sand the edges.

Once this is done, add the InterMountain Railway body details. The ends will have predrilled holes but you will have to drill holes in the sides for the ladders and grab irons. I made a template for this to keep the placement consistent from car to car. I also use A-Line steps rather than the delicate Intermountain parts.

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